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liu weimin, director of the science and technology department of shandong province made research for
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liuweimin, director of the science and technology department of shandong provincemade research for the process of science and technology in high-techenterprises on 15 january 2016. in the research process, liu weimin understoodthe production, technology, research situation and future development plan indetails, and gave a high evaluation for the remarkable achievements of taihe biochemistrywhich adhere to scientific and technological innovation. liu weimin encouragedenterprises to vigorously implement the innovation driven strategy, increasescientific research efforts to strengthen the construction of scientific andtechnological innovation team, and strive to promote independent research anddevelopment, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. accompaniedby the party secretary, municipal peoples congress chairman wang liang,municipal leaders and the boss of taihe.

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