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municipal party secretary, director of the standing committee, wang liang, came to our company to in
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speedup the development of transformation add the open advantage

oct.29, the municipal party secretary,director of the standing committee,wang liang,emphasize that,every governmentdepartment and enterprise should emancipate the mind, firm the confidence,seize the opportunity, active,to develop the foreign trade of our city,to helpour city to achieve develop steadily,adjust the constitution. member of the municipal standing committee,executive vice mayor, member of the municipal standing committee, secretary general, zhangzuoping participate in the research.

in laiwu taihe biochemistryco.,ltd. wang liang came into the production workshop,carried on a extensiveconversation, had a complete understanding on the production andoperating status,the situation of the import and exportation, preferentialpolicies status etc,give full affirmation to our development,and encourage our company to responseactively to the market situation’s change, increase the intensity of market development ,contributeto the city’s development.

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